Where To Take Piano Lessons In 2018

As a pianist and a former piano teacher at that, I can tell you that there is no substitute for in-person lessons.

man using his iPadThat being said, I only wish that I had all the online resources that are available today back then when I was learning how to play the piano. Piano students typically take a one hour lesson once a week, and of course the rest of the time, they are left to themselves to practice.

What is the best approach for taking piano lessons in 2018?

I had no problem staying busy and on task, practicing piano daily when I was a kid. However, think about all of the tools and resources now available to you as you learn to play the piano. There are so many instructional videos, articles and even piano teachers that make themselves available through online piano lessons. At the very least, you also have easier access to piano teachers in general these days, with social media, texting, etc.

The way I’m setting the table here might make me sound old, but I’m not old. I am just making a point. I began learning piano when I was 7 years old, and my teacher was also very old-fashioned. I happen to be just old enough to really have lived in two separate eras long enough to really see all of these differences. In my honest opinion, it is always best to primarily rely on in person piano lessons and physical sheet music and course books to help you learn to play the instrument.

However, I would certainly recommend supplementing your experience with as many other tools and resources as you can find. Just don’t allow technology to hinder your learning, only help. Learning solely how to play the piano online, especially if teaching yourself, can make the process very disjointed. You don’t want that type of experience. If you are going to learn how to play the piano, you want to be successful with your venture, and you want it to be enjoyable.

Are you playing by ear? If so, that is great and is a talent and gift. I can play the piano by ear. However, I also recommend that you don’t solely rely on developing your talent that way and instead accentuate the learning experience with lessons. You want to learn those notes, as you need the formal education behind learning to play the piano, too. That is actually how it all started for me. You are going to want to know how to read music.

Learning to read music helps you in your efforts to play by ear, too. You are going to have a great experience learning to play the piano in 2018. There are so many available resources. Just make sure you learn from a teacher that can help you get the complete experience and one that has respect for the traditions, too. Nothing can be substituted for those in person lessons as you learn to play the piano and perhaps one day even write your own music.

Where to Purchase a Piano Online

Are you musically inclined, and hoping to buy a piano online? In this article, we will share some excellent websites with you when it comes to purchasing a piano over the internet that you can treasure for years to come.

The first website that we want to mention is Craigslist. (www.craigslist.com) This site is a little more first-come-first-served, and you cannot always guarantee that there will be a piano for sale at any given time. However, if you check regularly, you will more than likely find a piano that is in good shape and priced extremely well.

Another website that you can purchase a piano is eBay. (www.ebay.com) This is a website that you can find a piano for sale most of the time.

Not only are individuals selling their used items on eBay, there are many merchants who have opened up their own seller account who offer musical instruments. This means that you have a fair chance of finding a piano that is priced well, even if it used, or a brand new piano that you can price against other excellent options so that you get the best deal possible – while being paired with the piano of your dreams!

In conclusion, if you are hoping to buy a fabulous piano for your home, you can be sure to find the exact instrument you have been looking for by bringing your online search to one of the websites we have mentioned here in this article.

Whether you are looking for a piano that is new and ready to grace your living room or a sturdy piano that is wonderfully priced and able to provide years of practice, you will be sure to find a fabulous deal you can be proud of.

Which Type Of Guitar Is The Easiest To Learn On?

There are some people who state that the electric guitar is the best to learn on while others will say that you should learn on an acoustic guitar.

This contradicting advice can make it hard for a beginner to know which guitar they should be getting. To determine which guitar is the best to learn on, you need to know what each offers and how you can choose between them.

guitar on a tree

Choose The Guitar You Are Excited About Playing

The easiest guitar to learn on is actually going to be the one that you are most interested in learning. If you are interested in the electric guitar and the music that it provides, learning on the acoustic guitar will be tiresome and difficult. However, if you are not going to be playing music that needs an electric guitar, you should learn on an acoustic one instead.

Learning On An Electric Guitar

A lot of people believe that an electric guitar is the best solution for a beginner because it is considered easier to play. This type of guitar will have a slimmer neck, a lower playing action as well as the lower gauge strings that are easier on the fingers. This will make it easier to hold and pick which means that you will be able to start playing notes, chords, and songs faster.

The problem with the electric guitar is that it will be more expensive because you have to get an amp as well. The easy nature of the guitar will also mean that it takes your fingers longer to harden leaving you with fingertip discomfort for longer.

Learning On An Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is the less expensive option and should be used by beginners who are unsure about whether or not they will stick with it. You also do not need anything other than the guitar to get started. Acoustic guitars are also used in all types of popular music and there are many songs that you can learn.

The primary issue with the acoustic guitar for beginners is that the neck, strings and playing action are harder on the fingers. This means that the first steps of learning to play will be more painful as the strings hit the fingertips, but the fingertips will harden faster.

Both acoustic and electric guitars can be used for beginners, but most people do believe that the electric is easier to learn on. However, if you want to ultimately play acoustic music and acoustic guitar will be the best option.

Where To Learn To Play Musical Instruments?

A lot of us are fond of music and would want or interested to play a few musical instruments whether it is a guitar, base, piano or a flute. Some people are very passionate on music as they learn how to read chords and notes.

For those who are interested and would want to learn playing some musical instruments, then you do not have to worry much. There are a lot of places in the internet to visit and learn for free. You can watch tutorial videos in YouTube or read a few blogs in Google. You may also visit your local library and find a useful book to read about musical instruments.