Which Type Of Guitar Is The Easiest To Learn On?

There are some people who state that the electric guitar is the best to learn on while others will say that you should learn on an acoustic guitar.

This contradicting advice can make it hard for a beginner to know which guitar they should be getting. To determine which guitar is the best to learn on, you need to know what each offers and how you can choose between them.

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Choose The Guitar You Are Excited About Playing

The easiest guitar to learn on is actually going to be the one that you are most interested in learning. If you are interested in the electric guitar and the music that it provides, learning on the acoustic guitar will be tiresome and difficult. However, if you are not going to be playing music that needs an electric guitar, you should learn on an acoustic one instead.

Learning On An Electric Guitar

A lot of people believe that an electric guitar is the best solution for a beginner because it is considered easier to play. This type of guitar will have a slimmer neck, a lower playing action as well as the lower gauge strings that are easier on the fingers. This will make it easier to hold and pick which means that you will be able to start playing notes, chords, and songs faster.

The problem with the electric guitar is that it will be more expensive because you have to get an amp as well. The easy nature of the guitar will also mean that it takes your fingers longer to harden leaving you with fingertip discomfort for longer.

Learning On An Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is the less expensive option and should be used by beginners who are unsure about whether or not they will stick with it. You also do not need anything other than the guitar to get started. Acoustic guitars are also used in all types of popular music and there are many songs that you can learn.

The primary issue with the acoustic guitar for beginners is that the neck, strings and playing action are harder on the fingers. This means that the first steps of learning to play will be more painful as the strings hit the fingertips, but the fingertips will harden faster.

Both acoustic and electric guitars can be used for beginners, but most people do believe that the electric is easier to learn on. However, if you want to ultimately play acoustic music and acoustic guitar will be the best option.