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Excellence in Service

Bunn=Minnick Service

Caring for Your Musical Investment

Bunn=Minnick has completed work on pipe organs dating from the late 1700's, and on virtually every American make.

To make sure your organ is properly maintained, we recommend a minimum of two service appointments per year (when temperature changes settle prior to Easter and Christmas). During a routine service appointment, your organ will be thoroughly tuned, and minor repairs will be completed. We also take this opportunity to alert you to visible wear that may need to be addressed to prevent inconvenient or potentially serious failures in the future.

Because excessive temperature changes can alter the tuning of an organ, we recommend that your organ, where possible, remain close to 72°F. In this way, tuning will remain relatively constant between service appointments.

Humidity also plays a vital role in the longevity of a healthy organ. Maintaining the proper level of humidity will prevent premature splitting in any of organ's thousands of wood parts.

Remember, your pipe organ plays an important role in the ministry of your church. We feel that every organ deserves the chance to give its best to a congregation. We're here to help that happen!

Regional Coverage

Bunn=Minnick service routes currently cover the entire highlighted area shown to the right.

From our facilities located in Columbus, Ohio, we are just a short drive to most parts of Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

It is very likely you are already on an existing service route and can easily be included in our next trip! Contact Bunn=Minnick today for more information about premium pricing on our existing service routes.

Servicing our installations in Florida has allowed us to open new routes through Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Georgia. Act today to join our Deep South Service Route.

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